BBR - Vol 17 - 2 - 2020

         download the journal pdf [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2 (soon)


Nutrition and Food Sciences

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (Clinical case) 

Bruno Sousa, Nelson Tavares [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.236


Biomedical Sciences

Health Professionals Knowledge of Hospital Waste Sorting and Storage 

Beatriz Edra, Bruno Magalhães, Mafalda Silva, Maria do Céu Costa [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.232  


Analgesic effect of methanolic extract obtained from Schinus terebinthifolius leaves 

Pedro Cruz de Oliveira Jr., Eloise Balen, Jucicleia da Silva Arrigo, Anelise Samara Nazari Formagio, Marciane Maximo da Silva, Candida Aparecida Leite Kassuya [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.234   


Studying the impact of different body positioning, squatting, and unipodal flexion on perfusion in the lower limb – an exploratory approach complemented with optical spectroscopy (TiVi)

Sérgio Nuno, Margarida Florindo, Henrique Silva, Luis Monteiro Rodrigues [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.235   


Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Activated carbon from termite feces impregnated with silver: Preparation and evaluation of antimicrobial activity and ecotoxicity 

Giovanna Manesco, Carla Albertina Demarchi, Alexandre Bella Cruz, Jean Felipe Fossá Calisto, Rafael Martello, Jacir Dal Magro, Clovis Antonio Rodrigues [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.231

                                                  Supplemental Data [+] pdf here


Antimycobacterial, antiplasmodial studies and cytotoxicity of oleanolic acid and its derivative from Syzygium aromaticum Linn (Myrtaceae) 

V. O. Fadipe, A. R. Opoku, M. Singh, A. R. Pereira, P. Rijo, , N. I. Mongalo [+] pdf here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.17.2.233


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